About Me

JimmHRJimm Kjelgaard is a music industry veteran with over twenty years of experience in everything from music production, songwriting and remixing, to event promotion and e-commerce. Jimm is an accomplished synthesist and keyboard player who began playing the synthesizer in 1986 at the age of 15. Prior to the synthesizer, he studied the violin, clarinet and trumpet. In more recent years he has studied percussion and has begun playing the bass guitar in his spare time.

Jimm operates his own recording studio outside of Salt Lake City, UT where he specializes in remixes, film scoring, and various independent projects.

In 1996 Jimm organized the SynthStock ’96 synth-pop festival, a two-day gathering of independent synth-pop artists. The festival included performances by established American synth-pop legends, Anything Box and Seven Red Seven, as well as a dozen indie synth-pop acts from all over the United States. Four years later, he created and organized the SynthStock 2000 festival which was headlined by Paul Humphreys of OMD, featuring the lovely Claudia Brücken, of Propaganda/Act fame (the duo later went on to record and perform as Onetwo). The line-up also featured the famed new wave acts Berlin and Real Life, as well as a return appearance by Anything Box. He retired from concert promotion following the event.SS2k

In 2003 Jimm became a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and founded ÜberSonik Inc., a music distribution and event promotion company. In 2004 ÜberSonik helped launch the debut recording by Onetwo, which was a 5-song EP called Item. Onetwo is a project featuring Paul Humphreys (OMD) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda/Act). The popularity of Item was enhanced by the fact that it featured a collaboration with Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. The release of Item gained worldwide fame and recognition for being the first release by an internationally-recognized artist to use eBay as it’s primary method of distribution. The limited edition first pressing sold out within the first few weeks, and served as the starting point for Onetwo’s career. In the following year, ÜberSonik also distributed a limited edition album for Billy Currie of Ultravox, which also used eBay as its distribution source. During this time Jimm organized multiple sell-out movie premiere events around the greater Salt Lake City area. Jimm dissolved ÜberSonik in 2007 after its brief successful run to focus on building his recording studio and music production business.


In 2006 along with several of his friends, Jimm formed the new wave cover band, Hot Reagan. The band specializes in performing new wave and classic alternative hits, and does shows in the Salt Lake City and Intermountain West regions. Jimm left Hot Reagan in 2010 to focus on his solo project, which he calls Eminent Sol. He released his debut album, Iridescent, in October of 2012 on his own independent label.

Today Jimm is in the process of finishing his college education, and expects to graduate in 2013. He balances his time between school, and operating a recording studio. In his spare time, Jimm enjoys being with his family and derives his greatest joy from being a father. He is an avid sports fan, particularly professional soccer and NFL football. His teams of choice are: Real Salt Lake, Manchester Utd., the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots. He’s also a life-long New York Yankees fan. When he’s not in the studio or watching his favourite sporting event, he passes his time cooking, gardening or fly-fishing on many of Utah’s world-class trout streams.

Born and raised in the Binghamton, NY area, he currently resides in Bountiful, UT with his lovely wife and three beautiful children.



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